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NFT Documents 

GPWIN believes in the highest standard of compliance, governance and transparency, and as such proves an extensive library of documents in respect to the GPWIN NFT.

GPWIN NFT Documents encompass legal documentation of NFT, the  Terms and Conditions, and informative materials such as the White Paper, Short Deck and others. These documents can be updated from time to time, and are provided for informational purposes only. A prospective purchaser must undertake its own investigation before purchasing non- fungible tokens referred to in these document and each purchaser of non-fungible tokens shall be solely responsible for determining whether any purchase is appropriate for them.

 The Case and the litigation documents are in the 'The Case' or the 'Case Documents' Section of this web site, click here to access The Case and click to access Case documents.

White Paper (English

Short Deck (English)  

Terms & Conditions (English)

Strategies Paper (English)  (Turkish)

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