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Litigation Risk Assessment

please refer to the White Paper or the Summary Opinion in the Case Documents 

(Murat UZAN & Cem UZAN v. TMSF, Motorola, Vodafone & All)

Recent Updates

12 January, 2023

Thursday @ 17.00 CET

In a recent decision, in a claim of the Claimants versus Motorola at the Tribunal judiciaire de Paris, Article 14 of the French Civil Codes, application to the Claimants has been confirmed by a decision of the Court. This Article 14 is the same article the Claimants represent in the Winterfell Case against the Defendants. This Ruling is seen as a great success and verification of the Claimants rights and the application of Article 14.

03 January, 2023

Tuesday @ 17.00 CET

8 Defendants having failed to file, the court gives a last time to 14 February to file, and sets the next 'mise en eta' to same date.

15 December, 2023

Thursday @ 17.00 CET

After the Shock ... where Vodafone failed to file its Defence in contradiction to pervious court orders, in a timely manner. On December 15 Vodafone, files its defence and filing under the Incident number 1.

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Forum: Tribunal judiciaire de Paris, France 


Claimants: Murat Hakan Uzan & Cem Cengiz Uzan 


Defendants: Jointly & Severally for the totality of the case:


TASARRUF MEVDUATI SIGORTA FONU Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (Turkey) ("TMSF") and Motorola Solutions Credit Company LLC;


Together with each of the following parties for their own participation and contribution to the damages : Vodafone Group Public LTD., Mrs. Suzan SABANCI, Mrs. Cigdem SABANCI, Mrs. Vuslat SABANCI, Mrs. Serra SABANCI, Mrs. Sevil SABANCI, Mrs. Dilek SABANCI, Mr. Omer Metin SABANCI, Mrs. Turkan SABANCI, Mr. Nihat OZDEMIR, Mr. Batuhan OZDEMIR, Mrs. Filiz SAHENK, Mrs. Deniz SAHENK, Mr. Ferit SAHENK, Arzuhan YALCINDAG, Mr. Zeki ZORLU, Mr. Ahmet Nazif ZORLU, Mrs. Ebru OZDEMIR KISLALI, Mr. Asim KIBAR, Mr. Ali KIBAR, Mr. Aydin DOGAN, Mrs. Hanzade Vasfiye DOGAN BOYNER, and others (60 Defendants in total).

Factual Background: The claims relate to the abuse of power by TMSF which fraudulently seized companies ultimately owned by the Claimants and sold their assets. These actions were unlawful and without any legal basis under applicable law and therefore void. Third parties who purchased the assets knowing that the assets were improperly disposed of are equally liable. 


Quantum: The amount claimed is not less than $69 billion, which is estimated to increase by $3.5 billion annually until judgement due to the accrual of interest and ongoing losses. The quantum of damages is evidenced by an expert report and is supported by TMSF’s own statements.

The case has been independently assessed by a leading French Law firm who have estimated the likelihood of success of the Claimants’ claims as follows: 

Claimants Legal Representatives

Feral Law

Maitre Christiane Féral-Schuhl

Maitre Richard Willemant

Equipe Feral

The Case of the Century

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