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Built with the cooperation of a great team


The World's 1st

'gross proceeds' NFT

to the 'Case of the Century'

GPWIN the gross proceeds NFT to the 'Case of the Century'. A claim of 69,000,000,000 USD at the 'tribunal judiciaire de Paris'

Easy Trade GPWIN NFTs can be traded peer-to-peer at any time, after the minting has been completed on the DANHA Platform, or at anytime in the Open Markets. As the case progresses and the value of the GPWIN NFTs changes, opportunities to trade the NFTs will grow.

Credit Cards Accepted. Use the blockchain and crypto sphere  to make money online now.

External Independant Case Summary Legal Opinion click to view .

Purchase gross proceeds through  a Smart Contract

Participate in the gross proceeds of the

'Case of the Century', with a GPWIN NFT.

The World's 1st  Gross Proceeds NFT

Litigation Case to recover over $ 69 Billion! GPWIN

To learn more about Gross Proceeds watch our Videos on our FAQ page.

Short Term Strategy

Long Term Strategy

Blended Approach Strategy

Short Term: Positive developments in the lifetime of the case and/or strong supply and demand dynamics should create opportunities to realise profits by selling GPWINs at different points in time.

Long Term: Purchasers may choose to hold the GPWIN until the final adjudication/outcome of the case litigation.

Blended Approach: A mixture of Short Term and Long-Term strategies. A purchaser may hold a portion of GPWINs to await the outcome of the litigation while also taking advantage of shorter-term profit opportunities by selling GPWINs to a counter-party on a peer-to-peer basis when pricing in the marketplace is attractive.

To learn about the 3 Core Strategies you can watch our tutorial on the FAQ page.

Get Started in three Steps


Create an e-wallet (MetaMask)

Download and create for yourself an e-wallet (digital wallet), like MetaMask or Trust Wallet.


A Digital wallet is a must fro all NFT, blockchain, crypto sphere, and digital assets transactions.

Never share your key phrases with anyone.


Pay with USDC or Your Credit Card ?

GPWIN is priced with USD Coin currency. You can buy and or convert your ETH, Bitcoin or similar crypto currency to USDC, purchase USDC directly (from sites like Moonpay) and purchase your GPWIN with your USDC, and or Purchase the GPWIN by paying with your Credit Card with Fiat money.


Purchase by Minting

Click the Minting dApp (on this web site), connect your e-wallet and complete the transaction.

Or go to to purchase with your Credit Card).

Please note that Safari browser does not support MetaMask. Please use Firefox, Chrome, Edge ,Brave, or Opera for Minting NFTs.

Coming Soon the GPWIN app

Buy and follow GPWIN easily through the GPWIN app

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

Key Features

Peer to Peer


The GPWIN is available for Minting on this web site through the Minting dApp, After minting has been completed and or the Collection has been depleted the GPWIN will be open for trade on a peer to peer basis on the DANHA Marketplace. A unique marketplace for gross proceeds NFTs.

Since GPWIN is a ETH 1155 Token, a GPWIN can be traded peer to peer at any time on the open markets.

Purchase with your Credit Card

Solcomed is the sole Authorised re-seller of GPWIN NFTs as minted by Winterfell Company for sale in FIAT Currency with payment by credit card.

Visit Solcomed at to purchase GPWIN with your Credit Card.


Use the blockchain and crypto sphere to make money online now.

Enjoy the Rise !


You can make a profit potentially amounting to 27 times your purchase price; there are very few such opportunities.

Take the Long Term approach and await the final adjudication to take your gross proceeds from the outcome of the Case of the Century.

The Winterfell litigation is fully funded through until the final adjudication including provision for any and all appeals processes. The proceeds payable to holders of Gross Proceeds NFTs are not subject to deductions for funding costs or any other costs.

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